Lisi Lavea, Sydney Australia

In the year 2017, I was going through a personal spiritual battle. Struggling with personal beliefs and circumstances that felt was never going to subside. Slightly felt distant from hearing God's voice. God being God he always provides a way that I wouldn't expect him to speak through. I remember tuning into my first Tuesday night Lunch box session there was a familiar sound that I have missed. From the worship, the word, the prayers, the jokes, the Samoan language and the laughter, sound of a family(my family, God's family). I was so encouraged and blessed I made it a goal of mine to tune in every Tuesday even if I was at my son's footy training. Through sharing God's word I was reminded of dreams that needed to be awakened and needed to press forward to reach. I am so grateful to God for Ma'aola Christian Network through their dedication to reach out, I found myself on the other side of those prayers. Answered Prayers.

Vai Tumoe, Oceanside, California U.S.A

Sharing the joy, strength, courage, confident and unstoppable smiles with my brothers and sisters in Christ from MCN through the word of God, music and prayers encouraged me to read the bible and seek His presence more. I humbly taste the sweetness of the Holy Spirit as his presence is full of joy. I ave been blessed in so many ways because of MCN’s mission. My personal life is shining light everywhere I go, the joy of Jesus Christ gives me the courage to spread the Gospel and His Good News. Thank you MCN for being a very important part of my life.


Special acknowledge to the Founders of MCN, Ps Kuki and Lupe ALOALII for your prayers and blessings upon every segment. With love and respect to all staffs of MCN, your happy attitudes making it possible to be a blessing to others, spreading the Gospel and Love of JESUS.

Edith Tamati, Brisbane, Australia

MCN has helped me in so many ways. Don't know where to start...But before I came to know this ministry I have been praying asking God to use the media as a gateway of his good news around the world. Facebook is one way I believe God provided as a gateway to connect people for his purposes. I came to know MCN through the Livingstone Evangelism Ministries, little did I know that this is Gods answer to my prayers. MCN programs have helped me to know God more and to understand more of my purpose here on earth. One of my dreams is to be Gods messenger, his prayer warrior, and through church and MCN has made this possible, it has been a pulpit for me and many to share Gods word, to pray together and to fellowship together. I have made new friends through MCN and we become more like families rather than friends. Last year I had been in and out of the hospital and people prayed for me all over the world through the ministries of MCN. I love how we read the scriptures and share about it in all segments. Praise and glory to God for what you are doing through MCN, bless its management and staff. Bless also Founders, Pastor Kuki and Lupe Aloalii for their prayers. Love you my MCN family thank you for your service and Lord bless.

Failelei I'aulualo

I don’t know where to start from, because it’s a miracle God made, of how I connected with MCN on Facebook. I didn’t request, or heard any news about this Network, and I totally forgot someone that shared this with me. All I know God is so good to me and my family. Yes really really good. Ma'aola ministry came to my life at the right time. The times of suffering from family problems between me and my kids and my 2015 remarried life when my husband passed away in 2010. The struggle is real. But I thank God for Ma'aola's ministry, for teaching the word of God, that gives me the wisdom and remind me the knowledge of how to deal with the devil and his army. All the teaching from the Bible I listened were wonderful medicine to cure the injury. Each day’s lesson was new to me even though I heard that before. Ma'aola is like my guideline every day. It seems like I go to church every day. I cried, the word from mighty women and men of God through Ma'aola wipe away my tears. The MCN is like a comfort zone for me through songs, prayers, advice, and encouraging word of God.

I thank all mighty men and women of God from Ma'aola staff, for your teaching and spiritual thoughts that input into myself, would make me strong and born again as God’s righteousness.I’m so grateful and it’s an honor for me to witness the MCN is a truly miraculous for my soul.

Dorah Eleni Pesefea

Praise the Lord for MCN service through broadcasting. It's a great opportunity for one to hear and receive the Word of God.

Very fruitful for the Christian's spiritual life. It brings new life by listening to the gospel of the Lord through MCN.